Fountain Conversions - Out with the Green, In with the New!

A clean pond means happy fish, beautiful plants, and more enjoyment for you and your family!

Charlotte pond maintenance plans from SplashScapes Pro brings you the only Charlotte pond company with a full-time, dedicated, professional pond maintenance and service team. You see our SplashScapes Pro maintenance trucks in most neighborhoods!

The goal of our different levels of professional pond maintenance and service is to keep your pond healthy, beautiful, clean and balanced. 


We offer three different levels of scheduled maintenance for clients to choose from. Whether you just want a little reassurance that everything is looking good and working properly, or you just want to come home to a beautifully-maintained pond, we have a service plan to fit your budget.

Price per Service visit

Equipment, Filters, Pump Lighting Inspections

Inspect/adjust pump intake, plumbing, etc.

Inspect/adjust pump skimmer, bio-falls, stream

Lighting system inspection

Check/adjus auto-fill device

Light blub replacement

Empty skimmer debris nets

Clean/replace skimmer, biofalls filter pads

Equil  pond Treatment Additives

Incluides ALL pond Additives/chemicals

Qualifies for "special pricing" on Equil products

Pond Aesthetics Improvement

Hide exposed liner by repositioning rocks and gravel

Evaluate pond-side landscaping

Clear & Clean Water Management/Analysis

Partial water changes

Plant Life and Koi Fish Analysis/Care

Prune plants

Fertilize tropical plants

General health care check for fish

Hands-on Inspection & Adjusment

Inspect/adjust water feature for leaks

Adjust stream rocks and gravel

Hide any exposed liner or plastic

Still More Maintenance Service

Reducted truck charge on service calls

Full product warranty

Fall netting and installation

Free installation of plants

Preferred dates for spring cleanout

Clear water guarantee

Free fish food and Koi delivery

Free emergency weekend visits