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SplashScapes Pro - We are The Pond Experts!

Our natural ponds are an ecosystem unto their own. A pure habitat that supports life with aquatic life such as fish, frogs and other species plus plant life of all varieties!

Let’s start first by saying that natural ecosystem ponds are such a beautiful and important part of Nature! We love building these natural ponds…and we build ponds for all budgets! So, ponds not only create a natural ecosystem in their defined environment, but they also fit into the community or life cycle of the entire ecological region. Water is the most basic of these. A backyard pond restores part of our ecosystem and is part of the big picture – the regional environment.

A pond ecosystem is like a triangle. In the pond ecosystem, the water is the base of the triangle. Everything found above the base (plants and animals) is completely dependent, either directly or indirectly, on the pond. As you begin to understand how ponds work and what plants and animals live in them, you learn to appreciate nature instead of being afraid of it. Given time and proper plant selection in and around the pond, you can create a very diverse ecosystem in your yard. Just remember to keep it simple and with patience your pond will mature over the years into a beautiful part of nature. It’s our passion, and we’re happy to share it with you.

One pond in one backyard may not seem very important, but when you have a thousand similar backyard ecosystems functioning simultaneously, there’s truly a positive impact being made on the environment. Large amounts of habitat are restored for frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders. The population of each of these creatures has been declining sharply for many years now.

Birds have also been driven from many of their natural wetland habitats, which they need so desperately to survive. Your pond will provide a safe haven for these creatures and add a welcome diversity to our stressed suburban environments!

And we can teach you how to care for your pond…or hire us to easily service and maintain your pond! Having a unique balance of fish, insects and birds will help maintain your clean and stable pond. And there are so many ways to design your pond! If you can imagine it, we can design and build it!

SplashScapes Pro – The Pond Experts in Charlotte!