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SplashScapes Pro’s Willie Perez addresses the common problems and challenges that all water gardens and ponds face. We hope that we can answer yours here!

Will my pond create mosquito problems in my yard?

Mosquitoes generally like to lay their eggs in still stagnant water. If they do happen to lay eggs in your pond, then when the mosquito larvae hatch your fish will consider them a treat and will pick them off the water’s surface. Your skimmer will sweep up any remaining. However, if you insist that the pond is the source of the problem or you would just like to be safe, there are several all-natural products that you can use safely with fish and plants in the pond. Mosquito Dunks and Pre-Strike are two effective solutions.

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How often and how much do I need to feed my fish?

Feeding is almost always the favorite interaction people have with their ponds, and for this reason fish are often over fed leading to excessive algae blooms. Never feed more than your fish can consume in about 5 minutes. I like to start with just a little bit to test their hunger and slowly add more if needed. This way no excess food is left in the pond. A handful of uneaten fish food is a handful of algae food. During the winter months when water temperatures reach below 54 degrees you should never feed your fish, no matter how hungry you might think they are. At these temperatures excessive feeding may potentially spike your ammonia levels in the pond and poison your fish. If you need additional information regarding any questions or answers, please contact us today at SplashScapes Pro – The Pond Experts in Charlotte!

Will having a pond decrease the value of my home?

In the opinion of many real estate agents a well-built pond can be very attractive to potential buyers and may even pay dividends. With water features becoming more and more popular, you can bet that the demand for them will become even higher.

Can I have a pond in an area where there are a lot of trees?

Yes, you can. In fact the ponds we build in wooded areas end up as some of our prettiest
because of all the ferns and hostas and other shade perennials planted nearby.
The debris net (inside your skimmer) will collect and trap the majority of the leaves and sticks that land in the pond throughout most of the year. In the fall, however, if your pond is under a heavy tree canopy, it is recommended to install a leaf net over the pond and stream to provide better protection. Skimmer debris nets may do the trick if your pond is in a sunny spot. But a shaded pond often needs the added protection of a leaf net in the fall. Keeping your pond and stream free of leaves and sticks improves your water quality and can reduce your clean out costs in the spring. The benefit to having trees is the shade they provide in the summer months which helps control excessive algae blooms.

What size pond is best?

Many water garden owners replace their first pond with larger ones as their interests in water gardening grows. I began my pond-building career many years ago expanding a number of ponds for owners who wanted more area for plants and fish. An 11′ X 16′ pond is a good choice that provides plenty of room for interaction. It is also important for you to realize that doubling a ponds size does not mean that the cost of installation will double. You can have a considerably larger pond for just a little more money.

Do you have to drain and clean your pond regularly?

If you fail to set up a system that includes all of the necessary elements of a naturally functioning ecosystem, then you will find you may be asking for many related problems that do require frequent cleaning. However if you decide to work with Mother Nature and incorporate all of the necessary elements in the right proportions then your pond may only need draining and cleaning once a year during early spring before water temperatures reach 54 degrees. This simulates the natural flushing of rivers and streams, which takes place every year due to heavy spring rains and snow melts. A complete overhaul during warm water seasons can be counterproductive at times because it may eliminate the majority of beneficial bacterial that helps to naturally clean your pond by breaking down organic wastes. If you need additional information regarding any questions or answers, please contact us today at SplashScapes Pro – The Pond Experts in Charlotte!

Do I need to bring my fish in during the winter?

No, Goldfish and Koi are not tropical and can stay in the pond all year round. In the rare instance that your pond surface freezes over you should make sure that there are openings in the ice for oxygen exchange. This can be achieved using a floating heater, but usually we don’t have cold enough winters to completely freeze the surface of a well-circulated pond.

What about safety and liability issues?

It is normal to have these concerns, but it is important to remember that our ponds have 6-8 inch shelves that act like a staircase leading into the pond and the bottom is only knee deep. Furthermore we can customize design elements of a pond in order to meet your concerns. For example; we can add a gentle gravel slope into the shallow pond which not only is it safe but it is quite aesthetically pleasing as well. We do advise you to educate your children, neighbors, and friends about the safety of any body of water.

Should I worry about predators eating my fish?

This is a valid concern but the possibility should not prevent you enjoying your water feature. To start with, you can have caves and crevices build into the pond to offer your fish protection. Lily pads will also offer some protection and will help prevent predators from spotting your fish. Another alternative is to use decoys in and around the pond to scare off predators. My personal favorite is a realistic looking floating alligator that adds a little fun to your pond and protects it from predators at the same time. Several other options are available if the alligator does not match your style! If you have a problem with your pond, you can contact Willie Perez directly! Willie will give you an answer and see how we can help you with your pond or water garden. SplashScapes Pro – The Pond Experts in Charlotte.

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