Fountain Conversions - Out with the Green, In with the New!

Is your fountain turning green? Is the water unhealthy no matter how you treat it? We have the solution with our fountain conversions. When we talk about the term conversion, it has more to do with our extensive knowledge of ecosystems and particularly natural “filtration” applied to often “green” fountains or small formal fountains.

Summertime is also a great time to consider a Retrofit,Upgrade or Rebuild of your existing pond! Or maybe consider building a new pond or water feature!. If you are having bad green water problems in your fountain, here are some of the steps we take in solving the problem:

  • By installing gravel on the fountain floor, we provide a place for natural bacteria (which we introduce via powder or liquid) to colonize, grow and eat sludge, thus improving water quality.

  • By adding a filter, (either mechanical filter as in a synthetic filter pad, or the preferred biological filter as in a “bog filter” or “wet well filter”), we allow for the removal of algae-causing nitrates and/or other organic debris (dead leaves, pine needles, mulch) from the water column. Adding a filter improves water quality.

  • By increasing pump size or adding a separate pump to push dirty water through the filter, we increase oxygen and circulation, which improves the habitat for fish and also improves water quality (stagnant water smells, increases the chance for algae, and can be typical with small fountains or small formal ponds).

  • By installing aquatic plants. The plants absorb excess nutrients in water, thus robbing the algae of its needed food source.

  • By adding fish, they eat algae and are part of the overall ecosystem to create the “balance” we are after.