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Welcome to SplashScapes PRO

Let us begin by saying that we absolutely love ponds and water gardens.  SplashScapes Pro is Charlotte’s most experienced residential waterscapes expert for ponds, water features, waterfalls, fountains, design, maintenance, service and repair on all sizes, small, medium to large! No Job is too small or large!  We build ponds for all budgets, it’s a true passion that we have when it comes to anything that involves ponds.  In todays market competition is a challenge but customer satisfaction is our strength.
Our focus is pleasing you, we are The Pond Experts in Charlotte!

Welcome to SplashScapes PRO

You will discover that our service and response to our customers is stellar! We know you can’t have a beautiful pond, water garden or water feature without the best service and support! And remember that we build all types and sizes of ponds for all types and sizes of budgets!

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