SplashScapes Pro is Charlotte’s most experienced residential waterscapes expert for ponds, water features, waterfalls, fountains, design, maintenance, service and repair on all sizes…small, medium to large! We are The Pond Experts in Charlotte!

Let us begin by saying that we absolutely love ponds and water gardens…and we build ponds for all budgets! It’s a true passion that we have when it comes to anything that involves ponds…no matter how small or large! Our focus is pleasing you.

So, what do we really do? We design and build dreams and visions for you – pond lovers! Here’s a quick glance of the things that our company does for our customers:

  • New pond and water garden design and installation

  • Retrofits and upgrades of existing formal ponds

  • Waterfalls, streams, pondless waterfalls

  • Bridges – beautiful accents and ideas for unique pond views

  • Fountain Scapes – all sizes – specializing in Basalt stone pieces (beautiful stuff!)

  • Rainwater Harvesting – we can start from simple rain barrels to full water recycling systems

  • Bog Filtration – awesome, powerful filters that keep your water garden clean and beautiful

  • Service, Repair & Maintenance – we have the area’s only full-time maintenance team!

  • Commercial Work – water projects for commercial and office properties.

Working with rock and water is an artistic process that does not lend itself to the quick-fix. We know how important it is to spend time studying the stone when establishing the initial framework. We do not take shortcuts or put in substitutes to “hurry” a job. We are totally custom from start to finish!

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